Crazy Fly Tango (2016)

Material Spezifikationen

  • Jahr: 2016
  • Kite Marke: Crazy Fly
  • Kite Name: Tango
  • Kite Typ: C-Kite
  • Kite Charakter: Freeride / Allround
  • Anzahl der Struts: 3
  • One Pump ?: Ja
  • Bridle ?: Ja

Verfügbare Größen:

7 , 9 , 10.5 , 12 , 14

Material Rating

  • Wind Range
  • Bar Pressure
  • Boost
  • Float Time
  • Bar Safety
  • Qualität
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Info Material

The CrazyFly Tango was completely re-worked for 2016. With a brand new shape, the Tango moved towards high performance freeride, and wave. The Tango is a very unique kite with a revolutionary feature invented by CrazyFly: the Nifty Bridle System. This feature allows the rider to easily switch between two riding modes: performance freeride or wave. Changes are easily and quickly made directly on the bridle and influence the flight characteristics of the kite.

In the air, Tango feels different on each setting. On the wave setup, the kite has very smooth turning and flight characteristics, and won’t backstall when you ride the wave out in front. It is very easy to control with soft power turns and feels very light in the air, flying with you down the waves to be there with power when you’re ready. This allows the rider to mostly feel the surf, as the Tango is very gentle on the wave set up.

On the performance freeride setting the Tango turns on and becomes very dynamic. The new Tango loves boosting and floaty jumps with amazing hang time. It turns quickly with predictable power and moves exactly where the rider wants it to go. Powered kite loops come with ease, plus the Tango provides amazing upwind abilities on this setting.

More experienced riders will benefit the most from the Nifty Bridle System, but the Tango can be comfortably used by almost any rider. With a four-line set up and very easy relaunch, this kite is a diverse power-house while being very user friendly.

The construction of the 2016 Tango has been completely changed. The canopy is now made from Double Ripstop for improved rigidity and long lasting durability. The transitions between heavy duty Dacron base and the canopy are in round shapes, rather than sharp angles and straight lines, to spread tension more evenly. Everything is topped with custom, bright, neon colors exclusively developed and made for CrazyFly.

The 2016 Tango – anything you want

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